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Evil Motion Pictures presents Succubus
Evil Motion
SUCCUBUS, the first full length motion picture released by Evil Motion Pictures, nominated for 3 AVN awards, features Raven Riley and Liz Vicious representing the forces of good and evil, respectively.

Raven Riley, one of the most popular internet teen models, is the star of SUCCUBUS, and the story's hero. Raven plays herself as a museum curator who discovers her family-owned land in Leeston, Indiana has been taken over and developed into a haunted theme park by Uncle Joey (played by Tom E. Motion). Raven is shocked to learn of the death of some of the local townspeople, and begins trying to try to get her land back, as well as solve the murders. Says Raven, "I was so excited to be a part of this movie. Everyone involved was absolutely a blast to work with, and we have developed a groundbreaking product here."

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